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What do you think of extraterrestrials and unidentified flying objects? Peace to you! Pastor, I don’t know much about your life, but enough to admire and respect you. I’m an evangelical and consider myself a well-educated person, but I’d like to know your opinion about ET’s, spaceships, aliens and this entire story that is so frequent in the media, with images of spaceships and extraterrestrials. I’m a good reader of the Bible and never found anything about this. Thanks a lot in advance! God bless you always! _______________________________________________________________ My dear friend: grace and peace! Since I was a young boy I was interested in such phenomena. In my adolescence I was impressed with the book “Chariots of the Gods” by Erich von Daeniken, with his interpretations about the book of Ezekiel, about the myths of the people and all the ancient deities. At that time, or maybe a little later, I was impressed with the drawings of the Nazca desert in Peru. When I was fourteen years old, with my father and fifteen friends, on the way to Itaperuna in the state of Rio de Janeiro, I saw from a distance a sphere which shined brightly as if it were silver, in the middle of the day, floating over our heads, while we were driving down the road. We stopped, got out of the car and stayed watching that phenomenon. My father discarded the idea that the device could be man made, especially because it was still in the air, no sound or smoke and suddenly it moved at an unimaginable speed. Unexpectedly it was gone, leaving nothing behind. After I get converted to the Gospel of Jesus, when I was 19 years old, I and a thousand other people in the city of Manaus (1974) saw a great mass, like a great moth, as it was a meteor and emanated a light through small orifices that were in the mass, (as if the light came from inside). It looked like a mountain flying as a Zeppelin and had a porous appearance like a wardrobe moth. I was having Physics class, in the Constructions class at the Federal Technical School of Amazon. The whole school saw it. For us it lasted about one minute or a bit more. It did a jumbo curve over our heads and continued the trip towards Rio Negro (Black River). At the Ports Captainship, at the edge of Rio Negro, where lived Alda, the mother of my children, the spectacle was seen by her, her brothers, and sailors for more than five minutes. And that thing rode over the river, gigantic and immense. The next day, the subject dominated the headlines of the newspapers. I was newly converted and I looked at that and said to myself: I don’t know what this is but it is a sign of the times. Jesus is coming! – And that is it! Over the years I read and saw everything about the subject. We cannot deny that the apparatus which followed the living beings in Ezekiel had a very close appearance with the description of most appearances. In my opinion, this subject is more a science of Psychophysics, with “Jungian” categories, rather than something to be understood by the natural sciences, from the point of view of the possibility of scientific categories as in physics. In my opinion the subject is merely speculative. What is not stated by the Word categorically is dealt with by me as pure speculation, until it is shown to be incontestably real. What do I think about this matter? And this is without appealing to a simple eschatological excuse and only saying: Is it a sign of the times? I believe in the existence of a collective subconscious as much as I believe in the existence of individual subconscious. That means: the same way I believe all individuals have a subconscious, I also believe that from the psychic production of each individual, begins the construction of a family, a relative, a tribe, a community, a city, a region, a country and even a humanity collective subconscious in such a way, that from time to time creates a great accumulation of psychic mass over all humanity and such psychic energies seek to be manifested through different ways, creating an unanimous feeling in a nation (Hitler’s Germany is a good example) or in all humanity, as when we notice that either there exists a formal communication way or not, the same standard dreams or feelings are noticed in all Earth. It is interesting to see that such phenomena are very “western” and there are few records of them in Arabic, African or Eastern countries. Therefore my understanding of “Chariots of the Gods” is different now. That is to say, I believe this is much more our Christian-Western mindset, impregnated by the biblical archetypes in our individual and collective subconscious. This is exactly what generates such phenomena and similarly creates the phenomena described in the Bible, in book of Ezekiel. After two thousand years of Christian-Western History, with all the archetypes related to the Biblical apocalyptic themes and with the uprising expectations of universal hecatomb (slaughter of human beings) which is present in the subconscious of our Christian civilization, it would not be a surprise if the sum of the human subconscious generated something mysterious and coming from heavens to Earth. Somebody can ask: Then, how can these phenomena be detected by radar? I believe that the human mind has much more inherent and intrinsic power than we can evaluate. I believe that the psychic energies produced by humans exist as intrinsic energies; subtle but powerful. And I believe that just as people can communicate in a subconscious way, via dreams or telepathy, the whole humanity communicates. Even more, I believe that such energies can gain configurations of psychophysics densities. They can become dense and form the objective appearance of the archetype object prevalent in the collective subconscious, which uprising is due to the densification from the affinity of collective archetype projections. That is why these phenomena are more common in our western civilization, which is biblical in its imagination, and technologic in its present culture. That is why these appearances are very similar to our own fictions. You can ask two more questions: 1) Do the devils or the angels play a role in this story? 2) Do you disbelieve in the possibility of life in the galaxies?” Concerning the devil and principalities and powers, it is my opinion, always expressed in this site and in my books, that they feed themselves from all forms of human productions. They feed themselves from the psychic productions linked to guilt, fear, hate, envy, power, greed, sensuality and even productions that become culture, art, relationships, political actions and all forms of human expressions loaded with the spirituality of fear and hopelessness. The serpent eats the dust on which the human beings walk! Therefore, it is not amazing that the mentioned “powers” in the New Testament define only “impersonal forces” but exist in a real way and appear in “conjunction” with the principalities which carry a certain dose of “personality” and “intentionality” in their manifestations. The human collective subconscious is the principalities’ and powers’ “environment”. Therefore it is not amazing that the productions of collective subconscious can be used by conscious forces within the collective subconscious. In this case, the “principalities and powers” would be the operating conscious forces in the subconscious environment of human collectivity. I don’t have any problem with the possibility of intelligent life in any other part of the universe. However so far, all the manifestations I saw, studied, and searched indicate much more to me that they are the phenomenological lucubration I mentioned above than the result of an opportunist invasion of ETs. All civilizations saw in the skies signs corresponding to their own archetype productions, according to the common patterns from the group collective subconscious. One day we are going to realize that a lot of what we call “exterior world” is only projection from our “interior world”. One day we are going to learn that all humanity is connected to itself and either our dreams or perceptions are deeply conditioned to a production which is ulterior, superior and subconscious. I also believe in two more things about this matter: I believe that angels and demons move themselves in these winds...in this environment of individual and collective subconscious. That is why angels almost always have the ancient culture ways (angels from Old Testament have appearance of old men) or show up according to the present culture conceptions. Today there are angels who drive cars. I am serious. I know people who were helped by angels dressed as fireman or first-aid helpers in the middle of nowhere, in the forest, in the woods. Why? Because the human subconscious dresses the divine with codes and symbols from its own age. I believe that what Paul says in Colossians 2, when Jesus disarmed principalities and powers in the cross and he did that when he wiped out the written code against us– the debt of subconscious and conscious guilty – the guilt which can be fruit of a deliberated act or also the action “in default of” the conscience. This way, I think the apostle was teaching us, or at least giving us another perception, which can be the following: What feeds the principalities and powers is guilt and all feelings and thoughts which carry the power of the psychic energy from guilt and offense. This way, the power of such spiritual forces is the same size as the human guilt. On the other hand, the certainty of release from guilt in Christ neutralizes its power over us; unless we just have believed in part and not completely, as it should be. I would have much more to say, but I don’t have time. However I want you to know two things: 1. Neither death nor life, nor thrones, nor principalities, nor powers, nor “any creature” shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus. If one of these creatures showed up in front of me, he either would confess Jesus as Lord or would leave immediately. I don’t care who they are. I believe Jesus has the Name that is above all principalities and powers. Whoever comes must come under the power of the Lord Jesus. As I am His, I do not fear ET or any other creature or even the devil, even if he comes dressed as an “angel of light”. Receive my affection and my prayers that your faith be free and strong! In Him, who is Lord of all creatures, powers and energies. Caio October 3rd. 2004, 1:52 am Original Title: O que você acha dos ETÊS e objetos Voadores Não identificados. Translation: Sara Machado, Massachusetts Reviewed by Orion Parrott. WM
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