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Not throwing our pearls to pigs means not offering our inner treasures to those who only feed on mud and pods, and will trample our heart treasures because they do not think the pearls of our soul are worth anything. Likewise, it means not offering our heart possessions to those who are only going to trample our inner riches.

The pearls are God’s truths in us, the inmost, most valuable ones, which we should only share with people who value them.

An unwise person opens his/her heart and shows his/her whole inner self to those in whose hearts is the pigs’ hunger and appetite for mud. They abhor inner treasures.

Be careful about the people you will open up your heart to!

Be careful about the people you will share your human and spiritual intimacy with!

Be careful about the people to whom you will serve the jewels of your essence!

The person being a “Christian” or a “churchgoer” is not enough. It means nothing. Friends to share the soul and inner treasures are rare, and they are only known with time, by their faithfulness in our times of pain and hardships.

All the time I see someone serving his/her soul jewels to someone else who does not have a soul. Jesus predicted the result: such receivers trample the pearls and then turn and tear the givers to pieces.

Your treasure is in your heart. Be careful when disclosing your privacy. Wait until your friend and you have been through the mill and survived it. Do not open up your soul to those who overlook it.

Much pain comes from the romanticism of our thinking that our earnestness will be enough. No, it will not! A humane human must be facing us. And it must be a humane human of God. Otherwise, we will only be opening up our intimacy to someone who will use it to destroy us.

Sadly, the world —religion included— has plenty of existential swine that feed on people and loathe soul treasures.

Jesus Himself said that He still had a lot to say but the disciples were not prepared to hear yet. For sure they were not existential swine, but they were still too immature to understand and enjoy the beauty of many things.

To Jesus, not throwing our pearls to pigs was equivalent to not opening the kingdom treasures to those who only wanted a pretext for slaughter.

This commandment from Jesus protects us from the ones who tell us they want to be either a friend or a date or a partner or a brother or a sister of ours, but they do not have a spirit of love and care toward their neighbor’s soul.

On the contrary, to such people, these secrets of the heart’s innermost truths are just handles for them to grasp in order to eat us alive.

Therefore, be careful about those to whom you are giving your treasures of intimacy, truth and preciousness of God in your life.

Do not go out with a swine or marry one expecting he/she will treat you well. Do not make friends with existential swine, because they will not see you and, in addition, they will trample your life and tear you to pieces.

Would you throw your pearls to pigs, in the mud?

If you do not do that to material jewels, why do you do that to your immaterial treasures?

Think about it and overhaul your ties and friendships.


In Him, in Whom love is sensible,



October 25, 2007




Translation: F. R. Castelo Branco | November 2007

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