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Who is my God?

I could merely say: “My God is the Lord!” Or affirm: “My God is in Christ”, and then conduct a Biblical study on who God is.

But this is not what I want to say. I want to speak of God in me!

In this sense, my God is growing. I mean, growing in me!

Who is my God?

My God is love, because before creating anything He offered Himself for His own creation!

My God is benevolent overall when He corrects and disciplines me, because He corrects me with the intention of changing my ways and my feelings.

My God is meek, gentle, and soft. He teaches with patience!

My God does not break the one who is already broken, does not judge the one who has judged himself, does not bring to the memory what the pain has already forgotten!

My God is holy. He does not get mixed with evil. He tolerates evilness, but He is not its accomplice; the day will come when He shall terminate all evil!

My God is fair, but he is not a justice maker. His major justice is to turn the unrighteous into righteous ones!

My God is affectionate, He lulls me with His cafuné* and offers his chest so that I can lean on and cry!

My God is passionate! He gets angry, He squeezes me, and He gets offended at my indifference to his amazing grace!

My God does not change, but repents: there are no surprises for him, yet he steps back, He knows everything but he gets surprised!

My God does not want to be God! He is not seeking this position. He is who He is.
My God is extravagant, amazing and glad at creating what nobody knows. He has pleasure even in things I consider repulsive!

My God’s tastes are as infinite as frightening are His creatures in heavens, on Earth and in any other spaces and dimensions!

My God forgets all about us.

For my God, the future and the past are the same thing. He is who He is.

My God is husband, lover, father, mother, friend, warrior, breeze, storm, silence, thundering, fire, water, life and other forms of life. He has transformed death into a passage.

My God frightens me, calms me, makes me fall in love, quiets me, makes me move forward and tells me to stop!

My God listens to my prayers but he answers according to His will! He allows me to want, and sometimes he does what I ask Him!

My God hides His will in me, and asks me to find it out.

My God speaks, but I only understand when He reveals!

My God is faithful, even when I am unfaithful. He does not tolerate my denying Him. He prefers the worst confession of treachery than the non-admittance of the truth.

My God does not get pleased with outer devotions. He only accepts worship from the heart!

My God died for me!

My God resurrected for me!

My God lives in me!

My God is in me even when my acts are not in HIM!

That is why he is good, but I am not.

That is why he is God and I am just a man!

I love him because he loved me first!

My God is my God because he made me belong to HIM!

Caio Fábio

Translator’s note: “Cafuné”: a soft scratching on your loved one's head or to lull somebody into sleep. Melhoramentos, Michaelis Dictionary, 1988.

Original Title: O Deus Que É Meu Deus
Translation: Wanda de Melo
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