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Anything is possible.


The impossible does not exist.


The impossible is a contingency of a fixed mind.


The impossible is the idolization of our senses.


Nevertheless, to those who do not believe in the finite, anything is possible.


And because of that, I see millions of other worlds every day.


All of them are possible.


All of them are unverifiable.


Yet, they are real… even without scientific proof.


While I am writing these words, galaxies are being born and galaxies are disappearing. Stars are dying. Planets are coming into existence.


There are many other worlds in other dimensions.


Because of such perceptions, I know that:


The dead don’t really die;


Spirits do exist;


Invisible beings are around;


My vision is mere blindness…


I just feel that everything has a place in the Universe.


In fact, everything was created…


The world we can see is made from shadows of the real world.


And believe me: I am not a disciple of Plato.


We exist in more than one dimension.


To be expelled from the garden is like living life in darkness.


I suspect that even the simplest creatures are more connected to the whole universe than we are.


We are just fragments of the senses…


If something touches me, I say: “It exists.”


If something makes my hair stand, I say: “It was the wind.”


But if I can’t see, touch or feel something, I don’t believe that it exists.


This is the stretch of man’s limits.




Existence is full of presences and realities that are transcending.


And because of our deliberate narrow-mindedness, we are boxed in a world of assumptions; we are trapped in ourselves; we are like blind people pretending the sun is not there, although they admit the existence of heat.


Man can guarantee: “If something is certifiable, then it exists.”


Now, for the first time, without the resource of magic and faith, man has stepped at the Cherubim’s door.


The last revolutions of the quantum physics are driving man to the NEXUS between what we can see and what we can’t see.


But it is not the Real world yet.


It is still a rehearsal of endless possibilities.


After all, in the quantum environment, all you can guarantee is that everything is possible.


Thus, faith will lead us to an encounter with the consciousness of our own finitude.


In the quantum world, as well as in faith, anything is possible.


There are endless alternatives: paradise, resurrection, dimensional doors, multidimensional beings, the reverse of the real.


There are unthinkable worlds, places that exist in non-existing places and unknown universal laws.


Paradoxically, it is through this quantum portal that the so-called spiritual world will be surprisingly introduced to man.


Human psychic powers will be exerted under the auspices of the most evolved science.


But hearts will not open to faith yet.


Faith is not a phenomenon.


Man, however, accepts the impossible under the name of phenomenon.


The more I explore science, the more I discover how factual the Bible is.


So far, no human findings on the quantum level are more complex than what the Bible proposes.


The Bible, in the simplicity of its beliefs, is much more advanced than science. It surprises those who can see but can’t feel that anything is possible.


Man will be transformed, nature will be glorified, there will be a new Earth and a New Jerusalem, death will end, the devil will vanish along with death and hell, the whole universe will be healed, and love will be the law of life.


Therefore, anything is possible.


Jesus showed that anything is possible.


Jesus is the “amen”.


Jesus is the impossibility who has become tangible before our senses.


I’m writing this under the testimony of man and angels.


I know that each word that has been said here is true. I believe.


And this comes from faith, and nothing but faith could have brought me here….


After all, what other power of perception is greater than faith?


A faithful man is infinitely superior to the greatest quantum machine.


We are the miracle.


Everything exists within us.


It is a tragedy that we keep our eyes shut.


Yes — with our eyes “wide shut” we keep playing at the cherubim’s door.



In Him, who is everything,





April 2009






Translated by Wanda de Melo

Corrected by F. R. Castelo Branco

June 5, 2009

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