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A “politically correct” person is one who has learned the post-modern civilization moral and puts it into practice.
Being “politically correct” is being diplomatic always. It’s never facing anything for politeness’ sake. But this stops the flow of sincerity in love.
Being “politically correct” is going with the flow of today’s civilization as a religious dogma. It’s being against talking about any controversial subject. The “politically correct” have their personal opinions, but never say anything about whatever thing in public.
When it comes to politics, they vote, but never speak out what they think. When it comes to faith, they take a stand against the stereotyped fanatical only, but they’re unable to tell the Dalai Lama what they think about Jesus. To them it would be impolite.
A “politically correct” person is comfortable when eating chicken, but he/she will pass off if he/she sees the fowl’s head being cut off before preparing the dish. They eat any animal flesh provided they don’t witness the “cruelty” to the animal that is killed.
They’re great esthetes. They live from looks and elegances. They control everything they say so as not to be taken for “politically incorrect”. They’re the kings of image and sound.
I detest the “politically correct” thing.
Yes, because Jesus wasn’t “politically correct”. He said everything that was important and only didn’t say what wasn’t important. And He said, “You accept praise from one another”, adding, “What is highly valued among men is detestable in God's sight.”
In Jesus we see the freedom to be and believe in full operation. He tells us to love our enemies and do to others as we would have them do to us. However, in Him there’s neither flattery, nor relational policies, nor obsequiousness regarding what people wanted to hear. We don’t see either Him splurge words or withhold or omit them when the occasions and the circumstances required Him to speak out.
I detest the “politically correct” thing because he who practices it becomes goofy, looses the marrow of his soul, and turns into a beautifully mimetic being.
I detest the “politically correct” thing because if Jesus had practiced it, there would have been neither the Gospel, nor the Cross, nor the courage to be.
Jesus teaches the Truth, not the flattery. So, His great delight was to do good, but He never had a hard time saying “no”. In Jesus there aren’t any “politically correct” administrations. His deeds that seem to be “politically correct” actually aren’t. They’re only the truth, and for this reason He agreed to them. However, they weren’t “politically correct” deeds just because on some other occasion (whatever it may have been) He had done something similar to that. No. Quite often, we see Jesus do just the opposite of what He had done before, because, to Him, there was Justice only, and the just thing is always what is just. In such a way that sometimes what Jesus says agrees to the moral requirements of the “politically correct”—but right after, He was a joy killer to those who expected Him to act in accordance with certain precepts concerning something, but He acted otherwise. But when, in some other circumstances, He takes a stand for life and against the relational etiquettes and the “politically correct” expectations, the “politically correct” ones call it a suicidal stand.
Every “politically correct” person is cowardly. You can’t count on such people for anything. They only stand by you if this gives them a status, because if something bad happens to you, their self-preservation mood appears right away. In addition, they themselves end up showing their “politically correct” moralism, which, although being against the old-fashioned moralism, it’s still moralism. Yes—it’s a polite moralism, but it’s as judgmental, although it displays itself with smiling, charming faces.
In addition, “politically correct” is a powerful ideology. For example, the global media likes to try to be “politically correct”. Take, for instance, what’s happening to Israel today. The whole world is against Israel and doesn’t even know why.
The news on TV says: “Hezbollah attacked Israel and 23 people died. Israel retaliated, killing three militaries only, but 13 civilians were killed.” However, when it’s about the Palestinians, they say that three militaries were killed plus 13 innocent civilians. It sounds like there are no children or civilians in Israel, because whatever is reported about it shows general numbers as if the entire country were made up of militaries.
Yes! Even the mothers and their children playing at the park.
But concerning the Palestinians, the media deals with the issue with a “politically correct” sympathy, although alienated and unfair in their reports.
This comes from a worldwide “politically correct media” attitude that doesn’t look at facts neither see history, only looking at superficial, fresh matters. Besides, they look at the situation assuming that Israel is the aggressor in the first place. Even when Israel doesn’t attack or respond, their judgement is the same. What’s more: I state so even to the most fanatical, stupid and anti-Israeli person, but always as a response. I know what I’m talking about, and I’m ready to face any debate with whoever thinks otherwise.
In this way, the media always sees the Arabians and Palestinians as the victims who are oppressed by Israel. All who say so are journalists who were infected by media’s own fashion. Yes, they render worship at the alienating altar of the politically correct, whose most important priests and prophets are on the media.
I see the “politically correct” falsify entirely the meaning of the truth. Truth now is diplomacy. And whatever truth isn’t diplomacy is ugly, and, therefore, put aside.
If only the countries whose worldwide opinion-maker media were exposed, in their own lands, to the same events that take place in Israel, we would soon see this horde of “politically correct” people take much more radical stands than those of Israel’s.
A “politically correct” being lives as if he were numb, because it’s easy to bear the misfortunes of others!
The 9/11, while being a catastrophe, was more spectacular than catastrophic (catastrophes happen all over the world every day, but they aren’t impressive because they don’t happen as public shows of fireworks). But it wasn’t enough to give the Americans and their media the slightest idea of what it is like to live the life of the Israeli citizens. However, a 9/11 “show” was enough for the “politically correct” Americans to say, “It’s absurd!”, as such people are only “politically correct” in alien backyards.
In our country, there are “politically correct” pastors. And who are they?
They’re the ones who are friends to everybody; who hear all absurdities and keep silent; who never stand up to anyone or anything; who always avoid every confrontation. If in public, they’re gentle even with the devil. Yes! They only flatter and cajole. But in private, they disclose their feelings. Then I wonder, “How can they live like this?”
“Politically correct” pastors literally tell you, “Whenever you don’t need me, I’m at your disposal.”
They’re good friends as long as you’re successful. But if some evil comes over you, the “politically correct” fade away. They fear to be linked to what’s “incorrect” at that moment. But if you recover, then they come back. In fact, they’re friends to your success and appearance only.
A “politically correct” spirit wouldn’t have brought the Gospel to us.
“Politically correct” is the Pharisees’ doctrine applied to the unreligious behavior of the post-modern.
So, they don’t fast, but they eat with good manners. They don’t pray, but they say, “I wish you every success.” What’s more: If they say they believe in the Gospel, they only say it after the person they’re talking with has already said the same. Otherwise, they’ll keep smilingly quiet, however mad things are around them and their companion.
“Politically correct” is also a scatological sense. Yes, because by reading Matthew 25 we soon note that those who were unable to see Jesus in History are the “politically correct” ones. They see, but they only do something if it’s safe. They know, but if what they know doesn’t knock at their front door, then that’s no concern of them.
Being “politically correct” is taking up the status that allows you not to get involved with anything hurtful or potentially controversial.
The “politically correct” thing is the ethics of those who broke up with the outmoded moral and took up a different moral that is sophisticated-looking, with an attitude of a psychologically developed nature, countless relational etiquettes, gentle and refined manners, and total exemption from everything that may make them unsure.
Being “politically correct” is choosing never to take chances!
“Politically correct” individuals are usually mildly conceited. They’re experts at subtly looking with contempt at those they consider “old-fashioned”.
Everyone who becomes “politically correct” out of conviction ends up becoming a disciple of the devil and doing something he loves: The person evades from ordinary life except his/her own life while seating on a sovereign throne, believing that he/she is on a level superior to everybody else’s.
In this way the Lucifer Syndrome becomes essentially linked to the “politically correct” people’s assumption of superiority.
Therefore, the more someone embraces the “politically correct” ideology, the colder, the more uncommitted and the more alienated to life this person becomes.
When the devil doesn’t make monsters he makes well-mannered dummies. And such etiquette brings about evasion from life, convictions, and the courage to accept and deal with contradiction.
That’s why the devil loves the “politically correct”. Through such an ideology the world is filled with etiquette, but emptied of life.
From end to end, the Gospel is politically incorrect. As I said before, if such an ideology were present in Jesus, the outcome would have been a handbook on wisdom for surviving, and never the courage to give life away for what is Life, no matter the consequences.
After all, there’s no passion in the “politically correct”. There’s only an appraisal of the advantages or the self-preservation.
If Jesus had been “politically correct”, we all would still be dead in our sins.
History, however, was never made by the disciples of this mimesis and diplomacy ideology. The prophets could have been anything but “politically correct”.
Well, that’s why I detest the “politically correct” thing: It’s the devil’s elegance ideology.
Yes—“politically correct” is the parade of the elegances from hell!
In the “politically correct” realm, Yes isn’t necessarily yes, and No isn’t necessarily no, because in such an ideology of secular religiosity, what is… may be… depending on the circumstances. If they’re not favorable whatever the truth is it won’t be considered as such. After all, the “politically correct” individual only says that “what is is” if it is convenient to him and if it is good for the worship to elegance.
In Him, Who gives me His Spirit and doesn’t allow me to flatter, because to Him what is is, and is not a subject of any type of bargain or choice at one’s convenience,
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