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Chapter 10

The layer of dreams and the feeding of myths


I have dreamed a dream, and my spirit

Was troubled to know the dream


Nebuchadnezzar, book of the Prophet Daniel




“Your story matches with what I know about the gods and the traces of their existence in the Universal History. I have always been interested in these matters.”


“Jocio, do you research these subjects?” asked Abelard kind of realizing that he had fallen into the best of worlds.


Jocio said that at first he thought that everything seemed to be the fruit of his imagination. Then he thought that the Chariots of the Gods had something to do with all this. He finally came to the conclusion that it was worthless to be dogmatic about the subject.


And what is your opinion today?


“I don’t know, Abelard! I must say that I really don’t know.”


“But… what are you inclined to?”


“I don’t want to be polemical, Abelard. Maybe you are right. I just don’t know. These beings from other galaxies may perfectly well exist.”


“I believe it is not likely that people from other civilization would come here just for the pleasure of shaping our culture. Why would they build landing grounds among us if they were able to take long journeys in  space as shown in the Nazca drawings in the Peruvian desert or in many other places of the world? Come on, this is too much for me to believe.


“Like I said, I have no opinion on this. But maybe it’s true.


“You think like him? What do you mean, Jocio?” Crysha asked.


“Sometimes I think that these beings might be angels, like Abelard. But I have no evidence to prove that, Crysha.”



“What about you Abelard, have you always thought like this?”


No, Crysha. When I was young I used to think like Jocio. It was the current thinking at that time. Then I changed. I started to believe that the myths were an exaggeration of what  happened in the past except for the aliens. They were not aliens from other galaxies but they were beings from other dimensions.


But yes! Some Alien stuff happened! Human knowledge is not coherent with evolution. Especially in the ancient times” Jocio said.

“Jocio, have you read about old maps?” Abelard asked


“There are maps from the XVI Century that have precise information about the Antarctic Polar layer. The maps show that there are two separate territories that can only be seen by satellite because there is more than a mile of ice covering both territories so that they appear as one. It is simply incredible.


“Abelard, I heard that the guy who found the maps explained that they were so precise and unique: he had found them in fragments of very old maps used by Phoenicians and other adventurers of the sea. “How did they know that there were two continents if the Glacial Era had started earlier”, Pardal asked.


“Unquestionably, it was part of a very old collection,” Abelard interrupted.

“I also read about the Watchers and the Nephilims and I think they had a role in ancient times”, Jocio said.


“Indeed? And how did you find out about that? Crysha asked.

“My father told me.  He believed in history. I have been dreaming of giants recently.

“What do you mean, dreaming of giants?

“That is bullshit, Crysha! Jocio said.

“Bullshit? I Have been dreaming about big creatures too”  Pardal said.

“Since when?” Crysha asked.

“One week. That’s it, one week.”


Suddenly, Jocio said: “I think that our world is only starting to find traces of this ancient time when the sciences were given to humans by beings of other orders like the Watchers and the Nephilims. Isn’t that right, Abelard?”


Abelard noticed the abrupt way Jocio had changed his mind. He almost asked why, but thought it could sound provocative. He decided to continue the conversation:


“Jocio, I think that your interest in these things is fine. I think that I was transported to that place because of a theory that I have” – Abelard said.


Pardal was clearly curious. He revealed a strange desire to learn the most he could. He looked at Abelard and asked:


“What is you theory?”


Abelard told them that the Great Flood did not eliminate the culture of the giants on Earth. The descendants of the giants (Refains, Amins and Enaquins) would survive the Flood. They would survive under the form of myths and their influence on Earth would remain.


Crysha wanted to know which influence he was talking about.


Abelard said that the ways in which beauty, diets, endless search for pleasure, science, religion, magic and natural spirituality were conceived.


Jocio Arruda, the Paleontologist&Bio-Pharmacist asked: “If those people who were with Noah were the only ones to be saved, how could the influence of the giants survive the Great Flood?


“I think that the culture of the Nephilims made the following journey: Noah and his children lived in the same period and while in the Ark they would have dreams and even nightmares of the giants. Our dreams are projections of what will materialize in the future. I also believe that nature reflects that period. Besides, I think that the Nephilims changed the Warehouse of Mankind’s dreams.


“You say “I believe” all the time. Is this faith or science? Crysha asked.


“Crysha, what isn’t faith? What isn’t science? Faith and science are always together even when they are opponents. But there will be a day when all faith will be science and all science will be faith. In this day, it will become known that intuition is for the soul as intuition is for the psyche of the spirit.


“Give me a break. It is either body, faith or spirit. But soul’s anima and spirit’s psyche do not go together.


I disagree, Jocio. The three dimensions are separable only for pedagogical purposes. Really speaking, they kind of interact.

And what do you think is the energy of the spirit?


“I don’t know, Crysha. All I know is that God is spirit. But I don’t know what a spirit is. But I believe that the more science researches quantum, the closer it will be to the understanding of a spirit, because I believe that the spirit is also quantum.


“It means that for the spirit past, present and future already “ARE”? Jocio asked.


Sure! Replied Abelard. My body is what forces me to write what we call past. It is the gap between my body and my spirit that makes my soul insatiable for things of the flesh and the spirit. It is the breath of THAT WHO IS… in my spirit that gives me the certainty of eternity but also the experience of simultaneity of the words. And when I talk about the future, I call it prophecy.” Abelard explained.


“Man, you basically lectured. But it sounds natural when you do it.” Pardal said.


“Thank you Pardal. I have made a living by giving lectures. Speaking is my vocation. I was a professor of theology and philosophy.” Abelard explained.


“Listen to me Abelard, if past, present and future are the same thing, or even better, if they are seen in the dimension of the spirit, so, it is possible to prophesize.  There is also the possibility of travelling to the past too.” Jocio added.


“In the dimension of the spirit, Jocio, nothing is toward the past and nothing is toward the future. THAT WHAT IS, IS. AND THAT IS ALL AND ALL THAT IS, IS.


They kept quiet for a moment. Then Pardal stood up, walked from one side to another, grabbed a rotten tree branch and threw it in the dark waters of the river. Isaac laughed and Crysha wanted to know the reason for the laughter.


“It is nothing”, Isaac said


“Nothing?” Crysha insisted.


Isaac laughed louder.


“Why are you laughing?” Crysha insisted.


“It is nothing really”. But still laughing a lot he fell on the floor. Then Abelard asked: tell me once and for all, why are you laughing?


And the caboclo said: “I don’t really understand a thing of what you are talking about”. So, my laughter without a reason is the same thing. It is something without explanation.


Finally, Abelard understood that their conversation about quantum physics was as offensive and non-understandable as the laughter of Isaac Port.


Then Pardal said: “This thing about the journeys that the Nephilim had taken would explain the myths. But what about the descendants of the Nephilim that you mentioned? How did they come to this side?”


Frankly speaking, I don’t know. It would be simple to explain if I believed that the deluge was not global. But I do believe in the universal character of the deluge.


After saying that, he stood still for some seconds as if he had had an insight. He found, though, that it was not time to explore that theme deeply. Then again, he said that even if he could not explain that the facts were unquestionable.


The giants were killed between Joshua`s and King David`s campaign. What worries me is the nephilimic “culture” and its presence in the Humankind`s Dreams Warehouse.


“Man, I am quiet because even a horse is wise when he shuts his mouth up. But what warehouse are you talking about? Isaac asked.


Full of satisfaction Abelard said: “It is the place where our dreams and desires are kept”.


“What happened to the Dreams Warehouse when they were on Earth?” Crysha asked.


Isaac Porto was frenzy, kind of scratching his body all the time. He pretended that the mosquitoes were the real reason for his uneasiness. His real concern, though, was another one: He could not listen to that subjective talk without asking for clarifications. He simply interrupted them:


“Okay, let`s see if I understood it. You are saying that those buddies built something in order to keep their memories on Earth even after their departure to the upper floor? Bro, tell me something: how can that happen?


As always, behind Issac`s simplicity, Abelard would recognize a call to practicality. And hearing it, he had to agree with him:


“That`s it, Isaac. Some people call that Collective Unconscious”


“It got worse now. I always thought that unconscious collective meant a collection of brains.


Abelard laughed at Isaac`s sense of humor. But Crysha was thrilled. She wanted to resume the conversation from the point where Isaac had left it. Then, she said:


“Tell us about the Dreams Warehouse, Abelard!”


Abelard answered on the spot:


I believe that the giants’ presence on Earth gave more complexity to the production matters related to the human unconscious. Dreams were the memories of the manifestations of the other world that invaded ours.


“This means that the monsters are not creations of our souls, they are memories instead? Crysha asked.


Abelard did not say a word. He just focused on the beauty of Crysha`s face. It was almost impossible for Abelard not to notice that there was a connection of their souls. After this break, they resumed their conversation.


“Nephilims were human angels dreaming and making dreams. These dreams became denser than the humans’ dreams. This caused the appearance of a psychic layer where they were stored. A big network was built then. I think that Saint Paul was the one who best understood this subject when he talked about the heavenly realms.” Abelard said


“What is this thing of heavenly realms?” Isaac Porto asked.


Isaac`s ignorance was somehow useful to Abelard. It made him simplify things. Besides, he knew that educated people, as was the case of the other three, do not ask questions in order not to sound foolish. Thus, Abelard explained: “The spiritual forces are some of the invisible powers in the heavenly realms. It is and old way of saying that there are real powers in the invisible world. There are principats, which are hierarchically organized under the form of archangels, cherubins, serafins and angels. And there are also the spiritual forces of evil. In this sense, I believe that the Humankind`s Dream Warehouse became one of the layers.”


“I like the way you defined the whole idea: “Humankind`s Dreams Warehouse. Besides I like your calm and poetic way of expressing yourself” Crysha said.


Abelard appreciated the way Crysha would rephrase what he said. Above all, the way she understood his viewpoints. More enthusiastically he added:


The Dreams warehouse contains all that we aspire and wish, especially when we are sleeping. I guess that the Nephilim`s dreams amplified this layer. It became faster and wider than before.”


“Come on, man. I dream about lots of bullshit. Remember the woman I told you about? The one of the manioc flour? I still toast that flour sometimes. Does this have to do with the Dreams Warehouse too?” Isaac asked.


“Yes, buddy. It is all in there”.



Mr. Pardal listened impatiently to Abelard. Though not being an expert in this subject, he was smart enough to understand the scope of the theme and its implications.


“They borrowed our hardware and improved it. They took our software and made it faster and broader. They inserted new languages and windows. The programs we have nowadays are like toys if compared with this invisible network.” – Mr. Pardal said.


Jocio, while brushing sand from his leg “Abelard, tell me something: you are trying to say that the giants caused a psychic deluge, a kind of a flood of images and projections in our collective memories and even in our souls?”


“That’s right, and the positive side of this is that we are better now than what we were before. Abelard explained.


“What do you mean?” Crysha asked.


“When I think of people Like Enoch, Ayal and Maalalael, I know  that Humankind is no longer what it was before. And they came after the first catastrophe, the one of the Knowledge of good and evil.” Abelard answered.


“We use only 10% of our brain capacity” – Jocio added while waiting for a reaction of approval to his knowledge. “Have humans fully used their mental capacity? Do you agree with me, Abelard?



Abelard looked upwards and saw the sky full of stars and said that he believed that in the future we would use what we received as a gift from the Creator. But looking at the past he said:


“In the Lost Garden all things were available. They talked to animals, communicated with nature, saw angels, heard the Creator’s voice and lived in universal harmony. Even after that falling they were mentally and spiritually superior.

Crysha, your ability to understand is a pale image of how they were. And I do not mean only brain. I mean brain, soul and spirit.” Abelard said.


Isaac came with one of his conclusions: “Does it mean that when we die we are worse than when we are born? Isaac asked.


They laughed at Isaac, but the laughter could not last long time because they carried important notions of life, either accumulated or specialized knowledge. That group was everything Abelard had wanted.


“I want to go further into this subject. What you mean is that we owe our archetypical memory to them? Crysha asked.


Making fun of the situation, Isaac answered: “Yes, that`s it. You guys like to use difficult vocabulary.”



“I am sorry, Isaac but that’s the way I speak” Crysha answered. Just tell us something Abelard. Are the giants useful for the understanding of ourselves?


“Great, Crysha! Jocio said.


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