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Whenever I read the gospels, I see that Jesus is at home.

Yes, he feels at home everywhere he goes.

He feels comfortable. There is no need to explain himself, no sense of being pretentious, no agreements, no need to please anyone, no declarations of love. None of this is present in his attitude, for he is always at home.

He feels at home even in the house of his enemies. He feels at home in the house of those who were mere observers. He is at home in the house of Lazarus, Martha and Mary. He feels at home in the house of Caiaphas, in Herod´s temple, in the Antonia Fortress with Pontius Pilate.

Anywhere he goes, he is who he is and says only what has to be said. He is a man more of action than words. He does so as if he were at home, in the house of others, even in the presence of those are uninvited, like the woman who kissed his feet and the cripple whose bed was lowered from the ceiling.

He speaks when he wants to. He can create silence in order not to let the conversation become idle. He can answer with a question. He may even answer with a parable. He may only reach his hand and heal or be protective and say: “I am here for you”.

He reigns over the hyenas and strolls among wolves and lions as if he were among kittens. He uses serpents as if they were worms to fertilize the foundation of the hearts.

He cries over Jerusalem and the thumb of Lazarus. And he didn’t cry in any other occasion even though he could have ended in tears.

Jesus has emotions but is not emotional. His emotion comes from the encounter with the truth and with his own human condition. It is he who has control of the state he is in. He was never susceptible to anything. No one could ever say about him: “Don’t talk to him about this or that because he is not OK”. His glance says everything. When one looks at him, one is in fact looking deep inside themselves. Then it is either loving him forever or running away scared at the revelation.

He is the TRUTH. He was the truth. Everything in him was the truth. That’s why he was always at home.

The truth is the only house that one can have in this strange world.

The one who walks with him will also feel at home anywhere. The owners of some houses are the ones who feel displaced when the Truth arrives.

The more you walk in truth, the more the house is in yourself, anywhere you are. Because that is what Jesus – the Truth – showed us.



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Version: Wanda de Melo | August 2009
Proofreading: F. R. Castelo Branco
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