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Some people are apparently so adamant that when they come to you with tears in their eyes and say that God spoke to them, you have to stop and listen very carefully.


Today I had a talk with a man I had met long ago. He lives here in Brasilia. He never had anything to do with religion or church in any way. Over the years he made a lot of money, and he prided himself on living solely for sex, power and money.


A smooth talker, a philanderer, straightforward, stubborn, a convinced macho man, and an eagle in his intentions, he always trod under foot everyone who crossed his path without benefiting him.


As he found I live in Brasilia, he called me the other day and we set up a meeting. We met today. He asked me to tell him about my personal journey in the past eight years, when we had not met. I told him everything in a simple way, pointing out, in particular, how the afflictions had been very good for my soul.


He was calm and quiet as he listened. I was intrigued. The man I knew was always restless and distressed.


Then he started to tell me what had happened to him in the past months. He was clear and to-the-point, as usual. He said he had been living as a scoundrel and did not care about anybody. One day, one of his sisters, who had left everything and disappeared from home fifteen years before, showed up again at his home, with a Portuguese man. He [my friend] was going on a trip with a famous Brazilian singer and two well-known models. They were going on a tour through the Brazilian northeastern beaches. His sister told him she would only forgive him for not staying with her if he went with her on her trip back to their parents’ homeland, because the country was in danger of another bloodbath. He said that although he could not make sense of it, he was so exasperated that he agreed to go with her as soon as he was back.


Then his sister said she was leaving, but in due time she would come and ask him to keep his promise.


He was in a hurry, ready to forget about that mad thing. He took the trip and returned. He had forgotten all about his sister’s request. However, two months later, she was back and said she wanted to depart the following day. He said the tickets for her and the Portuguese man were at their disposal, but he would not go. But she pressured him, and because of his guilty conscience concerning many things related to her, he eventually yielded.


When they got on the plane, he saw a beautiful woman and desired her. Eventually she was seated beside him. A couple of hours later they were virtually engaged in foreplay. She told him she was on her way to a middle-eastern country. He wanted her to get off with them at their destination. He would do anything in order that she agreed. The nearly-foreplay went on and on.


His sister came from behind his seat and said, “When you get there and your feet touch the ground, say, ‘Father, I ask you for peace and reconciliation for the people of this land.’” He told me he was so crazy about the woman that he just replied, “Yes! Sure! I’ll talk to the Father.” And he said good-bye to his sister.


When they arrived at their destination, the woman told him she was getting a lot of money to be part of a Sheik’s harem. His heart sank. He was still astonished when he got off the plane. But as soon as he stepped on the ground, he said, “Father, I ask you for peace and reconciliation for the people of this land.”


He continued:


“Boy, I passed out. I entered a different dimension. I was at the Last Judgment. My entire life was displayed before me. All the deceits and cheatings. Everything. Every evil deed. All my filthiness. Everything was opened. I died. They had to carry me. My sister told me to stay there for a week in order to see the answer to my prayer. I did. On the seventh day, they announced that the Syrian troops were withdrawing from Lebanon. I almost died. And now, my friend, I don’t know what to do with my life. I’m no longer the same person. Everything changed in me. I received peace. I was tried, found guilty, and then found not guilty. I can’t explain it, but I’ve changed.”


He went on to tell me many other things. We talked for a long time, and I told him about the Gospel of grace. His eyes shined. I told him how God was Sovereign and called whomever He pleased, revealing Himself however He wanted.


I felt he was a brother of mine. Right in front of me was a different man, who had been born in Christ in the Order of Melchizedek, and who was being formally introduced to the Gospel information only after he had been reached out by the Gospel revelation. After all, only before the Cross a person can get the conscience of being tried, found guilty and then found not guilty.


The Spirit blows where He pleases… Everyone born of the Spirit hears His voice.


In Him,






Translation: F. R. Castelo Branco | October 2007


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