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Anxiety is something awful. It is one of the worst things ever. This is why Jesus spoke so emphatically about it.

Matthew 6 describes very well Jesus’ concern about the disease-developing power of anxiety.

The essential anxiety originates from every person’s basic distrust.

The common belief is that that the individual is responsible for his/her own life and wellbeing at the same time as he/she is surrounded by threats related both to their horizontal competitions and to the feeling of being abandoned by God.

This is the wellspring of all evils!

Then the anxiety team enters into the court, with all its countless whizzes at distress and its emotional need outbreaks. Paradoxically, though, the team players are filled with ambition and unreal desires of security and power.

Anxiety creates neurosis and a paranoid mind as well.

That’s when people are trapped by a “neurotic responsibleness” or get into an essential distrust state — paranoia —, because they get insecure regarding what they have because it can be taken from them by other people or invisible plagues.

Such things are created by anxiety while they feed it back as well.

So the neurotic-paranoid anxiety brings about the panic syndrome, hypochondria, depression or persecutory death phobia, distress or depressive episodes.

The essential distrust is at the basis of almost all psychological disorders.

In fact, the essential distrust is both the first daughter of anxiety and its mother.

Yes, because the anxious person develops an essential distrust, and the essential distrust causes anxiety. It is a deadly cycle…

Faith is the cure for this disease.

That is why Jesus only told us to trust in the Father’s love and showed the stupidity of thinking differently. After all, He asks, who can do anything?

And Jesus said that besides trusting, the complete healing of this essential anxiety comes from seeking first the kingdom of God in us.

The kingdom of God in us!…

The material used to build the kingdom of God in us is the trust that is in our heart regarding God’s love for us.

And it is love that makes the kingdom grow.

Yes! It only expands in us through love and trust in God’s love!

Those who believe they are loved by the Beloved carry on with no anxieties…

This changes even the configurations of our brain chemic production.

Everything is changed!

Do you want it?

If so, Jesus would say, “Come and see”. After all, this menu is not intended to be known; it is meant to be eaten as life — through faith!


In Him, in Whom everything is resolved already,




Lago Norte

Brasilia, DF


From the original “ANSIEDADE”

Translation: F. R. Castelo Branco | December 2007

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