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syndrome of the barren fig tree. "All Nudity Shall be Punished" was one of the most acclaimed movies of the 70's and yet a film "to blame" for the culpability made up by the Pharisee Christians religion. And all this because contrarily to the subject of the film, the Gospel teaches that it is better to be naked before God than to weave for oneself the clothing of false morality and self- boasting virtues. The Spirit of the Gospel teaches that Jesus loves the truth of each season of human life! That's why Jesus cursed the fig tree that abnormally tried to give the appearance of bearing fruit before the season of fruition. All the other fig trees in Israel were bare of leaves. This kind of tree bears the fruit and then the foliage. The blossoming of foliage was the promise that the fruit would certainly come. But there was no fruit; it was only camouflage. That's the reason why no bare fig tree was cursed in the Mount of the Olives except that one, which was a vegetal representative of the religion spirit. Yes, that fig tree carries the symbolic value of something that is primordial: the human attempt (since the Eden) to cover the fig trees with leaves, instead of living in truthfulness and letting God Himself do the work. Only God can dress men before His own eyes! In fact, the fig tree foliage expressed that Israel's spiritual reality was impregnated with religion; worshiped the Temple more than "in the Temple", loved law more than the Creator; believed more in mechanical rituals than in God's grace itself. The fig tree had no "trustful repentance fruit" (*metanoia in Greek or mind-changing), to offer to God and men. The lesson from the fig tree is mighty mainly because it is the way through which Jesus says that God respects all seasons of life, exactly when it apparently does not bear fruit. No fruit out of Christ's Season is true. God loves the truth! The absence of fruit in a tree that is not in the season of fruition is neither an anomaly nor a declaration of unfruitfulness. It is rather the contrary: not bearing fruit in the wrong season is still a signal that the fruit is already there. The fruit is not visible but the tree is already pregnant with it. The fruit exists before the manifestation of his visible existence. On the other hand, trying to give an appearance of fruitfulness, without being truthful - because the fruit of the being is love - is already a curse. The attempt to produce what is untrue is a curse itself. Someone like this would wither exactly like the fig tree did! Truth is truth no matter if it is in or out of the season of fruition, since truth is what it is. God loves all those who do not fear being truthful to Him. Caio Early in the morning, as he was on his way back to the city, he was hungry. Seeing a fig tree by the road, he went up to it but found nothing on it except leaves. Then he said to it, "May you never bear fruit again!" Immediately the tree withered. Mathew 21:19
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