Um convite a doce revolução. Vem e Vê.



By Rev. Caio Fabio “Why my God is not God? Because I do not attend the same church? If your God is really God, then He is mine too, cause for me, there is only one God.I can´t tell you how He is but I know He is good, He is the saviour of everyone. Don´t tell me that my God is not yours, because mine is the Only God, and if you claim that your God is not mine then, yours might not be God.”— Words from a taxi driver to an evangelical colleague at a cab station at the Galeão Airport, last sunday, when I was coming home from a trip to Brasília.Afterwards, he got into the cab and told me: “How come that be? The guy shits vanity the whole day, he is nobody´s friend; he claims that the only God is the believer´s God....while what I mostly see are unloving believers. Their God exists only to separate people. So I think: What sort of God is this who created us and now separates us with this stuff of religion? I am out, man!”I told him that he was right and went on wordless...miserable. Confident that even alienated cab drivers belong to the Kingdom more than the sons of religion do. The stones are crying out."Only the stony ones can´t hear! Translated by Wanda de Melo