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PASTOR, WHAT IS A LESSER EVIL? Rev. Caio Fabio By Rev. Caio Fabio -----Original Message----- From: Raul To: caiofabio@evangelicos.com Subject: O que é um mal menor? Hi, reverend! I read bsolutely everything that you write here. I believe I understand almost everything but I kindly ask you to give me a straight example of this stuff of “choosing a lesser evil”. I guess that this is the point where we keep going in circles. Besides, the “church” seems not to believe that we are sinners. Aren´t I right? ___________________________________________________________ Dear friend: which is better..... to swallow a mosquito or a camel? Imagine yourself on a big wall, 45-degree inclination. You are in swimming trunks. You are about to slip....You can´t avoid it....you are already slipping....then you notice that the wall is riddled with shards of glass. Down the wall there is a lake, and if you jump, you will fall straight into the water. It is hazardous. You don´t know how deep the water is. A question: is the lake deep? A certainty: If you slip down there on these shards of glass, you`ll get there with your skin ripped off , wounds all over your body, and much bleedling. What would you instinctively do? 1. Slide down all the broken-glass-path, stripping your skin off? 2. Jump as fast as possible into the water, making your best efforts to protect your neck from being injured during the fall? You answer to yourself.. At this point, it is a personal decision! My instinctive choice would be the second one. Whether on the banks or in the cliff, we call this accident. In life, these accidents have moral and ethical value and are object of trial. And how happy we would be if trial were merely a candy. How dumb! Instead, trial is Raca: it is a being without soul! Thus, when you have to choose between excellent and good, you are a blessed one. But when you have to choose between dying or living, then you are called unfortunate. But I am positive: if you are sideslipping down the slope on shards of glass, don´t think twice: jump into the water. Water is always water. Glass is always glass. Others are always others. But You are you. You are unique. It is your life. And it is to God that you shall give reckoning for it. A big kiss, Caio Translated by Wanda de Melo