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PASTOR, IS DANCING A SIN? Rev. Caio Fabio ENGLISH VERSION PASTOR, IS DANCING A SIN? By Rev. Cabio Fabio TITULO ORIGINAL EM PORTUGUÊS: PASTOR, É PECADO DANÇAR? Rev. Caio Fabio From: É PECADO DANÇAR? Sent: quarta-feira, 1 de outubro de 2003 15:02 To: contato@caiofabio.com Subject: RE: Contato do Site Be sure that I will always navigate on this site. It has been quite clarifying since the very first day. I thank God for the opportunity of talking to you. It’s technology at the service of Lord Jesus’ Kingdom. Rev. Caio, I’d like to know what you’ve got to tell me about “dancing”. I don’t feel it’s wrong, but I can’t take only this feeling into account. What does the Lord’s Word say about this? In my readings I haven’t been able to “view” anything... Rev. Caio, this is one of my many questionings. Could I submit them to you even if you aren’t able to answer them so fast? Peace and Good. ____________________________________________________________ Answer: My dear: Peace and Good! The Bible speaks well of dancing. Evangelicals are the ones who don’t like it. Dance in the Bible is body movement enhanced by the flavors of music and its rhythms combined with joy , gladness, celebration, party and happiness. A dance is as simple as this. At the same time, a dance is all this. It is Beautiful and pure to the pure ones! Look up the word dance in a Biblical Index or in a concordance. Observe how many times you find the word dance or its derivatives.You will see that 95% of the allusions to the word dance are cool, free and cheerful. David danced with his thighs uncovered before the Ark of Alliance. God rejoiced in it, but Michal, David’s wife, didn’t. All depends on the heart of who performs the action and on the eyes of who watches it! Prophets used to associate the "redemption" day with the dance of the virgins and the dance of the elderly, and with squares filled with music and joy. Once Jesus wanted to identify himself with a certain attitude, He said: “For John came neither eating nor drinking, and they say, 'He has a demon. The Son of Man came eating and drinking, and they say, 'Here is a glutton and a drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and "sinners." Jesus started His ministry at a party. He prevented the party from ending earlier............. “Wine to the bride and groom.”. The Kingdom had come, the wedding party couldn’t cease. The groom was there! When Jesus wants to express God’s joyfulness with the return of His sons, he designs a party.... But the elderly brother who was grumpy, unhappy, legalist, envious and despiteful didn’t want to join, have fun and dance. “...the older son heard music and dancing, but became angry and refused to go in....” Someone said: “I should not believe in a God who does not dance.” I say: neither should I. . My God dances and reconciles with his sons by throwing parties, with the best music (Lc 15). So, anything can be harmful if at an improper time and out of perspective. Even water can be harmful under these conditions. So, my dear, if dance is only dance and involvement with it is adequate and appropriate, I tell you: refrain from dancing only in funerals... it would be inadequate. But if you are happy, dance! God waits for the day to come when we all shall dance. New Jerusalem will be filled with dances. The Book of Revelations says that all nations will bring their glory and richness into the New Jerusalem. This includes arts, culture, expressions of being. Dance is part of it in any tribes, nations, peoples and tongues in the Earth. In Him, who gave us body and rhythm. Caio Ps: You’ve asked the wrong pastor, I love dancing! English Version by Wanda de Melo Translator