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By Caio Fabio PASTOR FEARS THAT WITHOUT LAW THERE WON’T BE ANY MONEY By reading your "article " published on HP Atos Dois, I didn’t get surprised at the truth about Malachias but at the fallacy about "generosity". I appreciate the participation of all people in expressing their faith. However, some aspects may cause serious damage... One of them is the text by Caio Fabio about St. Malachias and the believers’ money. If this idea works, not even this homepage will have support. Financial generosity will always be an act of faith and love. On the other hand, lack of financial generosity is like faith without deeds ....it is dead. It is important to tell the truth without omitting any parts of it. If you are aimed at being polemical, your grade is a straight 10. If you are aimed at contributing to the Kingdom, your grade is a -10, since you don’t add, you withdraw. So, your final grade is 0. Watch out “Mr Caio! Anyway, despite all and everything I’ll keep praying for you. Everything is gonna be all right!!! May God bless you, In Christ Jesus, Pastor XYZ ____________________________________________ Reply: My brother, You believe more in responsibilities than in love.. I earn nothing... I’ve never earned.... have always volunteered. And I work more than most well-paid people. Do you know what it is? It is LOVE! Show me your faith without deeds, and I will show you my faith by what I do. The issue is that pastors need to “play terror” to make people donate their nickels and dimes. I prefer to have nothing but to tell the truth, unless you tell me that I am teaching lies. Invite the best exegete you know and ask him/her to convince me that I am teaching an “error”. Would you like to enroll? Do you know anybody courageous enough to struggle against the truth? I feel so sorry: it’s a pity you think that the truth can lead your church into bankruptcy... And there is more to it : only churches supported by fear go into bankruptcy. In such cases, as there is no love for the good news of God’s grace, fear is the only thing left to maneuver people and the church’s cashier. I guess that you are not like this. I think that you have dived into this “huge arrangement” and don’t know how life is outside this “pyramid” of terror. Remember: Paul and the apostles lived without it. I don’t really think that deep in your heart you are one of those who only think of money. I know that you are just afraid of making your living. By the several copies of the same text you sent to me, I could clearly see that you are a little bit lost. Don’t be afraid. God is the Lord of your living . I now finish this e-mail with the same lovely words you wrote to me: ”Despite all and everything, I keep praying for you”. Everything is gonna be all right!!! It surely will, my beloved!” Hugs, Caio PS: I will not give you any grades. I am nobody’s teacher. Besides, I am approved. If money were my business, I would certainly make it. But my business and my treasure are totally different. English version by Wanda de Melo