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--------- Original Message -------- From: ANDO PRATICANDO COISAS TARADAS EM MINHA MULHER... Date: 26/09/2004 20:06 I have been an evangelical for 15 years and married for 5. Before becoming a believer I had intense homosexual experiences. Lately though, these memories have possessed me and I have made sex with my wife by sticking things into her anus. Besides, I have convinced her to practice anal masturbation with me. Such practices have disturbed our fellowship, made me feel guilty and like a fake Christian. What should I do to keep control ? ____________________________________________________________ Answer: Dear friend: Grace and Peace! What to do? The first thing is: what NOT to do. First, stop doing what you are doing. Your wife needs a man, not a guy who sticks things into her or who asks her to stick things into him. Second, stop asking her to do such things with you. The more you do the more compulsive you will become. And she will totally lose interest in you. What do to? 1. Search psychotherapeutic assistance urgently and release the “beast” that you have inside. Treat this with truthfulness. There is a chance that you are not gay. Perhaps, you are living a moment of sexual and emotional dissatisfaction and as a consequence retrieving some early sensations of the soul. 2. Figure out with truthfulness what your sexual orientation is. In case you realize that you are gay , you’d better separate from your wife. It is better than submitting her to this hell of a life with you. I say “hell” because it will really mean hell to her. So, if your sexual orientation is different, do not expose her to this unequal yoke. 3. Flesh feeds flesh. Lust feeds lust. Similar things feed on each other. If you don’t want to nourish this inner dimension, do not feed it. If you stimulate these desires they will grow wildly, not necessarily because you are gay but because you will have nurtured a desire and embedded it inside you as a habit and an addiction. Concerning your feelings about being a fake Christian, understand that, in fact, there are no Christians. Jesus was the only Christian and we are merely His disciples. But, who among us is a Christian? We want to be Christians and we confess ourselves to be Christians. However, it would be honest from us to say that we want to be Christians because we confess Jesus as the Christ. Thus, my dear, a fake Christian is whoever claims to be a Christian aimed at being a “a replica of Christ”. This is really fake! You and I are disciples of Jesus with a strong desire of growing in the Christification process! As for the rest, read the site. Your letter reveals that you haven’t been around here often. If you carefully read the site from top to bottom you will meet the solution. This answer is just a proposition for you to read the site. My affection and my prayers. In Him, Caio Translated by Wanda de Melo